The Truth about Effective Content Writing & Marketing

Many business owners assume that their only online competition is their direct business competitors since these firms are fighting for the same keyword search phrases and sell the same or similar products and services. However, when it comes to content marketing, Orange County SEO service providers can tell you that these similar businesses comprise only one segment of the overall competitive landscape.

Quality Content Rules

SEO Expert

SEO Expert

The fact is that every business, company and organization online is actually competing against every entity that offers similar content deemed relevant enough by search engines to display in the results. Therefore, anyone producing web content that uses information in the same way that your business does has just as much of a chance of attracting the same targeted web traffic as anyone else!

Therefore, web content must stand on its own against even those organizations creating content for non-commercial reasons. This means that when your Orange County SEO service company ( develops a new campaign, they must not only do better than the business competitors, but also exceed the quality of content of just about everyone that discusses that subject area.


The goal of content marketing is to procure the highest degree of consumer, prospect and customer engagement as possible. It all begins with incremental content from which audience loyalty can be grown. The best way that an Orange County SEO service company builds audiences is by distributing a great amount of relevant and useful content through the online channels that make the most sense. For example, social network giants like Facebook are a great way to share specific content with targeted audiences that would see value in the content. However, it’s also important to note that not all social networks are appropriate avenues for all industries; for example, a mortuary home may not necessarily get the most engagement, response, and value out of using Facebook.

Interactive Content

Interactive content that engages a viewer’s senses is what will get their attention the most. This type of content inspires response in more active ways than simple static content does. Imagine quality written content containing stunning images, educational Infographics, fun puzzles, or some other means of getting the reader involved. By creating experiences that viewers may participate in, impact is enhanced. Emotional angles for interactive campaigns will increase emotional impact substantially.

Content Tailoring and Customization

By its very nature, personalized or customized content works better at engaging web visitors on an emotional basis than non-personalized content. What makes it so successful is that emotions are much more easily evoked when users can actually picture themselves within the context of the content, as opposed to relying upon the ability to empathize with someone’s situation.

One example of how well customization works with content is to consider how an emotionally compelling piece might be distributed across a network of Facebook users with over 12 million likes. This is what personalized, visual and interactive content is capable of – going viral.

Through persistence and a strict content creation schedule it has been possible to find positive and impressive levels of ROI over time. Experts such as Orange County SEO services generally suggest that between 5 and 7 thoughtful and useful pieces are produced and published on a weekly basis. Using that tactic, eventually most businesses are able to receive good results. However, there is no magic formula, so companies need to be willing to stay committed to the process for the long haul. Read More : Click Here


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